An Eclectic Mix of Hatha Yoga
Most classes are a combination of flow, strength, and flexibility work based on varying Hatha Yoga styles. “Hatha” is a broad term for any type of physical yoga and encompasses a variety of systems, or styles. At Black Dog Yoga, you’ll find classes that focus on incorporating flowing movement and breath with good alignment and lightheartedness. The speed of the flow and the style of instruction will vary from teacher to teacher, depending on their influences. The yoga being taught here ranges from gentle to rigorous, and is always instructive and progressive. Our teachers will often complement the flow with some nuance as to proper alignment in the poses, or with work on increasingly challenging poses.

The Levels
Our classes are categorized by Level, on the one hand to guide you to an appropriate class, but also to protect the integrity of the level of challenge desired by other students. The range of Levels is as follows:
Mixed Level

If you are brand new to yoga please take one of our Yoga for Beginners, Basics, Easy Does It or Healthy Backs classes before moving up to the Intermediate or Mixed Level classes. Please see the schedule for days and times.

We have discounted “Community”, “Lunch Hour Flow”, and “Donation” classes throughout the week. Please see the schedule for days and times.

Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga, Baby & Me Yoga and Kids Yoga, has a dedicated space at suite 215: Two Hearts Yoga, under the auspices of Georgina O’Farrill.

Black Dog Yoga’s instructors are exceptional people. We celebrate their uniqueness and talent by providing an ego-free space where freedom and inspiration can flourish. Classes at Black Dog Yoga will vary according to the creative direction of each instructor, and we invite you to try out several different classes to find those that are right for you.

Private yoga instruction is available to you as well – just inquire at the front desk or give us a call (818) 380-0331 or send an email to

Some Frequently-Asked Questions

“Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?”

No. Some people are naturally flexible, others must work to attain flexibility. Flexibility is not a prerequisite to starting a practice – it’s a benefit of the practice. A regular yoga practice will gradually increase anyone’s flexibility. And all the other benefits of yoga can be experienced regardless of whether or not you can touch your toes.

“What if everyone else seems more advanced than I am?”

Every yogi was a raw beginner at one time. The practice of yoga is about individual development. Each student is working at his or her own level and pace within the same class. Classes we’ve designated as Mixed Level, Intermediate or higher will demand of you a familiarity of the basics, in addition to a certain degree of stamina and strength. There are variations to many of the poses that allow students to lessen – or increase – the difficulty. It is also important to remember that a new student, or someone who is not able to practice regularly, is doing as much work (and receiving as much benefit) as the advanced or more-regular student.

“What do I wear?”

Wear comfortable clothing, but nothing too baggy (so that instructors can read your body). Yoga is practiced in bare feet, and ideally practiced on a relatively-empty stomach (1 to 1½ hours following a meal).

You should also know that we have Gift Certificates, really cool yoga wear, and all the props for sale, too.

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