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Black Dog Yoga offers an eclectic mix of around 90 weekly classes from complete beginner to extremely advanced. Whatever your level, you’ll find stimulating classes that provide an opportunity for your practice to evolve. Classes combine strength and/or flexibility work in a variety of styles and tempos, as each teacher is unique and draws upon a range of disciplines and traditions. Classes generally range from 60 to 90 minutes in length. Classes in the Description list below are arranged in order of difficulty.

Hatha – The physical practice – one of the eight limbs of the discipline of yoga.
Flow – Vinyasa (movement) based sequence built on the Sun Salutation sequence, linking poses and breath. Builds internal heat, creates suppleness in the body. Can be vigorous or meditative, usually faster paced than classes not designated Flow.
Community – A quality class at great savings. Not intended for beginners. $10

Introductory through Advanced

An introductory class drawing from all styles of Hatha yoga. Designed specifically for first-time students or those new to yoga – a great foundation for anyone or those coming back to yoga.

Slower paced, easier than Basic level. Suitable for beginners or students seeking a gentle practice.

Gentle/Healthy Backs
This is a relaxing class focusing on therapeutic alignment for joint health, emphasizing breath to reduce stress and tension, and fundamental principles of alignment. Perfect for beginners or people with chronic pain conditions, and the experienced yogi looking to compliment advanced practices with release and subtle alignment.

Our Level I class: This is a good place to start to build and maintain a strong foundation for your yoga practice. Beginners are welcome! A little more demanding than our Beginners classes.

Basic Focused Flow 
A thoughtful Level I breath-oriented class that incorporates therapeutic alignment with traditional vinyasa. Excellent for students looking to refine their practice while addressing back or joint issues.

Basics Challenge
Level I class emphasizing foundation, alignment with an introduction to intermediate yoga poses to help students safely deepen their practice.

Slow Flow Yin-yasa
Emphasizing basics, including safety and alignment. A gentle flowing sequence which helps to cultivate mindful action, Vinyasa is breath-initiated movement with a focus on learning to respond to physical and mental challenges. All levels.

Yoga for Well Being
This accessible mixed level flow encourages students to work at their own level and pace. It is a breath-oriented practice and suitable for all levels. If needed, modification of the poses will be offered to tailor the practice to the individual. Short guided meditations and breathing exercises may be added to enhance stress reduction.

This is a powerful, non-Hatha style class meditative practice that incorporates posture, breath, meditation, and the positive sound current of mantras and the Gong.  Appropriate for all levels.

Restorative Yoga
Props are used in floor poses, to alternately stimulate and relax the body. Deeply relaxing! All levels.

Deep Stretch/Yin Yoga
This is a great class for students of any age and any level wishing to gain or maintain flexibility. In this class we have the opportunity to explore how we feel when holding deep stretch postures for an extended period of time. By surrendering into the poses, no matter how flexible or inflexible we may be, we learn how to experience ourselves with grace. Non-flowing. Beginners are welcome!

Mindful Body Sculpt
Learn to define, correct and strengthen your muscle imbalances while heightening your awareness and body’s overall strength for optimal functioning on or off your mat. Using modern integrated and functional training techniques this energetic class is the fusion of yoga with traditional exercise modalities, incorporating light weights, resistance tools (bands, balls, discs) with yogic principles and innovative movement. A welcomed compliment to any yoga practice. All levels.

Mixed Level Flow
Vinyasa-based  with variations so students can gear their practice to their own level. Not intended as a first-time class.

Lunch Hour Flow
An hour-long mixed-level flow class that will energize and awaken you! Only 8 bucks if you buy online, or get a 5-pack for $40 or $10 at the desk. Not intended as a first-time class.

Our Level II class: For students with a developing practice. Not appropriate as a first-ever yoga class.

Intermediate Challenge
A bridge between Intermediate and Strong, introducing arm balances and inversions.

Intermediate Flow
Our Level II Vinyasa. Moving with the breath, usually with music.

Intermediate Focused Flow 
A demanding, alignment-based flow practice. Learn to work safely in deeper variations and address posture imbalances.

Intermediate Flow Challenge
A bridge between Intermediate and Strong, incorporating vinyasa, and usually set to music. Arm balances and inversions are introduced.

Intermediate Core Flow Challenge (Community)
A challenging and engaging series of core-centric sequences, incorporating vinyasa and other disciplines. $10

Strong Flow
Our Level III class – Advanced Level Vinyasa class will include advanced variations of inversions, arm balances, and backbends. This class develops stamina and strength.

Eclectic Strong Flow
This class develops stamina and strength and draws from a variety of powerful movement modalities as well as traditional Hatha Yoga. Like our Level III Advanced Level Vinyasa class, this class may include advanced variations of arm balances, inversions and backbends as well as challenging sequences of standing poses.


Play Your Edge (PLEASE NOTE: first Saturday of the month only – Ella Cojocaru)
Come turn your world upside down. This class will explore advanced transitions and postures in a more workshop style environment. Find your inner child and face your fears as you take your practice to new levels. Although recommended for experienced practitioners, this class is open to the less experienced as well. So come and be inspired to “play the edge” in a supportive environment. 2 hours.

Soulful Flow (PLEASE NOTE: last Friday of the month only – Tyler Pagan with live music by Ossie Mair and friends)
Come and unwind in this mixed level soulful flow class set to live music amidst candlelight. A great way to end the workweek.

Sound Bath Yoga (PLEASE NOTE: first Friday of the month only – Guy Douglas and Niki  Saccareccia)
This is an experience of sound meditation and yoga. It is a forty-five minute yoga practice combined with a forty-five minute deep sound immersion. The yoga consists of awakening stretches set to a concert of chakra-tuned crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls and planetary-tuned gongs. Medicinal drums, bamboo flutes and other ancient Eastern instruments all color the practice. The sounds are designed to cancel all chatter in the mind and induce a state of meditation so that you can flow deeper into your practice. $20

Group Sadhana (PLEASE NOTE: first Thursday of the month only – Santosh Kaur Khalsa)
The Sadhana begins with a recitation of Japji, the morning prayer, followed by a short yoga set and an hour of mantra and meditation. Always free and appropriate for all levels.


Mixed Level (Donation) – Teacher Training Graduates
All proceeds are donated to The Downtown Women’s Center.

Yoga for Vets (and Active Duty) - Mischa Allen
A FREE class for military veterans, active duty service members and their families, Connected Warriors* helps students learn to manage stress by quieting and focusing their minds. *Connected Warriors is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.

11th Step Yoga
Enhance the joyous adventure of recovery from alcoholism through yoga postures, guided meditation and breathwork as a means to focus on themes of recovery and the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.



  • Everyone is required to sign in prior to entering class. This is how we do our bookkeeping, and it ensures that the instructors are paid accurately. 
  • Please take care of the business, and then enjoy the yoga.
  • If you’ve arrived after the opening meditation has begun, please either wait for the meditation to conclude before entering, or sit and join the meditation, rather than rolling out your mat and disrupting the stillness.
  • Classes will be closed 15 minutes after the start-time.
  • Please switch cell phones to off, even when stored in the cubbies. There is no acceptable circumstance for a ringing or vibrating cell phone in the asana room. If your phone rings during class please go and turn it off – you aren’t the only one this has happened to!
  • Please remove your shoes before walking on the hardwood floors. It’s part cleanliness and part respect for the space and tradition.
  • If you must leave class before the 90 minutes, please take an early Savasana (final relaxation pose), which will alert the instructor to your planned early exit. Please depart prior to not during the group’s Savasana or final meditation.
  • If you have an injury or any other issue that will affect your practice it is your responsibility to inform the instructor prior to class, so that they can recommend variations on the poses.
  • Please be mindful of the designated Level of the class, for yourself and when inviting friends and family to practice with you.  Intermediate classes and above will require a certain degree of basic understanding of the poses, as well as a certain level of stamina and strength.
  • If you have a yoga practice (no matter how sporadic) for the sake of personal hygiene you should have your own yoga mat. The rental mats are intended for students brand new to yoga and out-of-town guests. Also, it’s not considered good yoga etiquette to walk on someone else’s mat.
  • Everyone appreciates your consideration.